About Us

A company where we care about quality and sustainability

Established in early 2015, Care Applications® was born out of a passion for creating a company that cares about the product, cares about the environment and cares about the customer.

The Care Applications® team have extensive practical experience in garment processing. Including but not limited to: garment washing, garment dyeing and research and development of new finishes and machinery. These developments are designed to optimise and modernise existing garment washing and dyeing machinery, thus delivering savings of resources, improvements and versatility at a reduced cost.



Our education in chemicals and textiles and the experience acquired over the years – not only with textile processes also in the development and optimisation of dyeing & washing machinery for wet and dry processes of garments – have allowed us to develop efficient machinery and processes that result in the creation of more sustainable garments. 


Ethics & Sustainability

These two words have the same value for us, we carry out research and development in processes and ecological accessories that take care of both the environment and the people who work in the garment processing industry. We do not contemplate sustainability without ethics. We use and study non-polluting chemical products, reduce and optimise these, reduce the consumption of water and energy with cold processes, and study how to apply them while always guaranteeing a safe environment for workers.



The knowledge acquired throughout our professional career together with our personal commitment to create ethical and sustainable processes lead us to found our company with the objective of: Recycling existing machines by means of mechanical accessories while giving training about more sustainable processes. We customize our equipment to adapt them to the existing machines and we design them modularly to adapt them to the companies’ current plants. We work together with the client to obtain the best performance of our systems at the lowest cost.

We are in 17 countries

150 machines working with our systems.