Because sustainabilitY IS NOT JUST A WORD…


Is an eco-friendly system that completely encloses and seals the machine creating the option to working with an oxygen-free atmosphere. Under nitrogen conditions it is possible to obtain special finishes such as indigo-look and pigment effects with sulphur, vat and eco-indigo dyes, all with significant savings due to the reduced amount of chemicals required.



It creates an oxygen-free atmosphere

It is also possible to introduce Nitrogen in an oxygen-free environment and with the products in reduction, there is an automatic and continuous checking of the pH and RED-OX potential

Control & stability

The system easily encloses the machine avoiding the entry of oxygen, thus allowing reduced-type dyes to be processed in a steady and controlled way



CLOSE-N is an special accessory manufactured in EU that can be potentially installed in existing dyeing and washing machines

Sustainable & effective

Huge product savings, because installing CLOSE-N accessory, the amount of chemical products that keep the dyestuffs in reduction such as Soda Ash and Reducing agent are decreased to a great extent or even removed


Because SUSTAINABILITY is not just a word, but our COMMITMENT!


Because with the CLOSE-N accessory, a standard dyeing and washing machines can be renewed to become more versatile, able to increase the range of effects


SAFE and odour-free environment for the workers

training and technical support

Training and technical support after installation


As a new controlled method to dye with reduced dyes or reducing agents can be used to obtain special effects with excellent colour fastness to wash and light


The system has been developed from sample to bulk dyeing machines

easy installation

Because CLOSE-N is an independent system with minimum structural intervention of the existing machine

Let’s be part of the solution