Because sustainability is not just a word…

… but our commitment.

This system has been developed to renew and transform the basic washing or dyeing machines into more versatile and automated machines, with the capacity to control the processes, measuring and recording the fundamental values that ensure the quality and reproducibility of these.

Add versatility and automation to your machines

It is equipped with a tank designed with a chemical products and dyes dosing system, which ensures the optimization, evenness and performance of these during the various dyeing and washing processes. 

And a system that measures and memorizes the values of pH, REDOX potential and conductivity, process parameters that consent maximum control in the dyeing of cellulosic fibres with direct dyes, reactive dyes, sulphur and vat dyes, in wool and polyamide dyeing with acid dyes and in the washings with glucose.


Because SUSTAINABILITY is not just a word, but our COMMITMENT!


It can be installed in any washing and dyeing machine


Increases the reproducibility of dyebaths and reduces re-processes due to out-of-standard results


Equipped with high quality measuring sensors and easy programming with automatic call to the operator if the programmed measurements are out of tolerance


Reduces the consumption of chemical products and the negative environmental impact of production


Equipped with a self-control system that can be easily installed in any dyeing or washing machine

Let’s be part of the solution